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If you have just run a hundred metres and you are leaning forward gasping for air, and your heart is racing, one thing is for certain: at that moment you are NOT depressed. Exercise releases fantastic chemicals into the blood which make you feel good. Obviously you must exercise according to your common sense: no heart attacks please. But get some exercise. Moan moan, nag nag: you know it's the way forward. I'm sorry to sound preachy here but I belong to a gym and I am forever seeing people there 'under doctor's orders' and they wander around adjusting the equipment, doing very little and snacking on high energy drinks and snacks to replace calories they never lost in the first place. Stick at it and stop deluding yourself. And remember previous points I have been trying to make. Choose realistic targets that are appropriate to you.

Also... a lot of anxious and depressed people have trouble sleeping. Exercise taken during the day, really helps people sleep that night. Win win.

There, that's enough for today. Been doing the tips? Why not?
What would Nike (the Greek God of trainers) say? Just do it.
Okay so I've tried to make the tasks a bit difficult today: it's a challenge. It's easier tomorrow, I promise.

Of the tips today I would stress the 'small tasks and targets' idea (Idea 14) and Idea 21 which readers also say works very well.
See you tomorrow.

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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