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This will also be a recurrent theme.... Stop evaluating! Stop putting so much store by single events. No one solution will be the answer to all problems. No one event means everyone hates you. I have noticed in January every year that people don't seem to want to chat to me so much. I used to take it personally but then I realised that most of these people are feeling below par or depressed. If people are a re bit stand-offish, see it in a wider context. No one relationship or person will solve all your problems, no one job. Yes, fantastic if it's going well, but expect a few problems and the shine to wear off.





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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

This website contains over fifty proven cures and aids to help depression and it will completely change your life. If you let it. They are all proven to be effective, they are all small changes that we can incorporate into our lives and therefore, frankly, we have no excuse whatever for not giving them a try.