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The Blame Game. Your problems are not always because you are inadequate. Your problems are not always someone else's fault. What am I on about now? We can easily spend a lot of time either feeling inadequate or blaming our life on other people but, really what's the point? Recognise in yourself when you start doing this and try and see it for what it is. Just to contradict myself though (and life is full of contradictions) there was a very interesting finding in the research this year that a VICTIM of a deranged/depressed/bullying/demented/domineering person is more likely to seek psychiatric help BEFORE the person who is the actual cause of the problem, e.g. the bully. Sometimes we need to recognise that we have a bully at work or a relative with dementia who is making us feel inadequate, helpless or depressed and see everything in context and not blame ourselves so much.


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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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