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Make someone happy. Your girlfriend likes going to see Sandra Bullock films; your boyfriend likes football. Don't be such a grump about it. Celebrate the fact that different people like different stuff. Make them happy. Go and see the Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock film and don't moan, just enjoy that you've made someone happy. Go for a half hour drink before or after and if she likes cocktails and you like beer, then why not choose some lethal death-defying shooter or an implausibly complicated cocktail that involves the bar tender lighting bits of orange rind. You won't have to do it next week and you will go up in your other half's estimation. No one likes a grump. Perhaps this is not necessarily a relationship thing. Have you got a friend with a quirky interest: fishing or something. Have they always got someone to do it with? They might enjoy sharing it with you. Make a date today and make it happen.

A BONUS IDEA Here's a favourite of mine that is a complete winner.

Every day just write down at least one good/happy thing you saw, heard, did, thought happened to you etc. Then when you're feeling blue you can go back and re read the good things that actually happen every day. People who do this for a couple of weeks say they are pretty amazed with the difference.

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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