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There is research that shows that gardeners are happy people and what's more the research identified why.

Apparently we humans enjoy smallish tasks where we can set a goal e.g. digging a border and planting some flower seeds. The task has a result we can see: a weeded flower bed and, in the future, we see the flowers come up. The task also has the advantage of being achieveable.

Compare this to suddenly deciding to write a novel. This no doubt laudable but you are not going to see a result for a very long time and as a first timer you are unlikely to get published. There will probably be some newspaper story about a first time novelist who got paid a huge advance and sold thousands of books, and this will make us feel inadequate because our half written book is just sitting unsold on a shelf gathering dust.

So. Have you got an interest or hobby that lends itself to breaking down into smallish parcels with indentifiable goals? Go for it.

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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