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Get a piece of paper and write down the events in a typical week. Now give them marks for how much you enjoy them or not – any scoring system will do. Choose the worst couple of events in your week and the best couple. Focus on how you can do more of what you like and diminish the problems with what you hate.

Right! That is more than enough for one day: plenty of stuff to do. Go back to the top and read the list again and choose four ideas and actually carry them out.

Oh and DON'T spend your time wondering if it's working... when friends give up smoking you can usually tell which ones will succeed and which will fail. The people who fail tend to be the ones who talk obsessively about... ...smoking! 'It's now 8 hours, 3 minutes and 40 seconds since I had a cigarette.' and so on. Ditto, people on diets start obsessing about... food. Let's face it; a depressive can NOT afford to obsess about depression. Whatever silly half-baked scheme we dream up together it has to involve getting your brain onto other tracks.

DO MAKE SURE you have set up some incoming 'treats'. You MUST distract your brain. I'm not saying 'Oh snap out of it' I'm saying 'Snap your BRAIN out of it.' A book that's gripping and different from what you are used to, a trip that's different a theatre show you've been meaning to set up: whatever it takes: make sure today you have booked stuff up, put plans in motion, and generally created an ongoing feeling that you are going to move up and out form this moment on.

In fact there's nothing to stop you going for all twelve ideas, booked everything up, ordered everything you need; that really WOULD make you happy. Is that really what you want? Of course it is. You can beat depression right now, you just have to go for it! If you follow all twelve suggestions you will be feeling HUGELY better straight away. The alternative is to look back in a few days and feel that you are still exactly where you are now.

Tomorrow… come back here and try Day Two on the left, choosing another four tasks to do, and preferably more. With each day we will start to look at various established theories and therapies; how to tackle low self esteem, examine what we eat and generally keep throwing these bright ideas at you thick and fast. The idea is to have a scatter gun approach to attacking depression on every single level at once and nag nag nag: just reading the list won't work: do something. Remember: if in doubt, look outwards rather than inwards.

See you tomorrow... write it down and return

Remember: do everything in your power to fight back not just a half hearted one or two, never dismiss a good idea, never say Oh I can't be bothered. Above all, enjoy yourself. Don't waste your life like I did. You deserve to treat yourself well.

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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