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A large number of depressed people are convinced they have fewer good friends than others or they feel they need a special person in their lives. Fair enough: we were a species meant to live in groups. But it is a HUGE asset in your armoury if you also love your own company. There’s a new Hugh Grant film/Vin Diesel film you want to see and you can’t rustle up a friend with the same taste as you? Go on your own.

For years I used to feel sorry for anyone I saw in a cinema on their own, now I realise that some of them are the luckiest and healthiest people in the world. They are comfortable with their own company. They can please themselves. Literally. They are free and they are able to entertain themselves. I am not advocating that people renounce company, I am simply saying your should love being with people, and love being on your own as two different but wonderful phenomena. So, go the cinema on your own. Do it once or twice and it becomes very comfortable and rewarding.

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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