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Research published last year showed that the five biggest problems in relationships were in the following fields:

People need time together. People need some sort of joint activity or interest they can share. People need to feel they are 'heard'. People need to feel they can express their identity. People need to feel that areas of conflict are resolved not ignored.

Get a piece of paper and choose a relationship important to you: partner, friend, child, parent. Then try and write down some ideas about how some of these concepts could be gently used by you to improve the life quality of the OTHER person. Quietly act on it when you next see them. It might involve finding time to let them show you all about their favourite hobby, or it might involve getting them chatting a bit about their plans for the future, who knows?

This tip may take a little thought but it works surprisingly well at helping YOU.

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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