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‘Buy’ another day of happiness.

Book a trip, book a theatre or an outing. If you're on a tight budget, hunt out something free: galleries, groups playing in bars, open mike comedy nights. Preferably something different to what you usually do. I live near London, so it's only an example: sometimes I hop on the train and select six galleries and gigs to see (in this week's Time Out 507 free ideas are listed. 507!) I take all six 'on the run' why? Because often something doesn't live up to expectations and you don't want to pin your day out on one of those because that would be a downer, besides it's a bit of exercise. It is far better than sitting at home, and I would suggest you should think about doing the outing on your own. I'll explain why later.

Like Idea One, the thinking here is that like any other organ or muscle, your brain needs a time to rest and recharge; it particularly needs a rest from the kind of thoughts you've been having.

Keep reading... remember, depression is NOT your fault, but YOU are the only person who can make a cure happen...

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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