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IT'S ONLY A PHASE: perhaps you are a student at school and in fact the problem is that deep down you see 'the enormity of it all' or perhaps it is your first year as an underling in a new company with an irritating boss. It will eventually end: you will find more opportunities once you've got this year under your belt. Those first few years with young children can be chronically debilitating or perhaps you enjoyed those years but you find having teenagers is a nerve-shredding (and very expensive) experience. Or perhaps it's your first year with a huge mortgage. It does get better, and sooner than you think.

But in the meantime... try and bump up your secondary interests. Sport, reading, pop music, gardening, who knows. It is inevitable that in 70 years of life some of your main pursuits such as your career will have some soul-destrying patches. So you need a few other strands that are going well and you can fall back on. And as I said, it is hard to imagine but it's only a phase...

Perhaps there are other ways to get 'perspective'. It is entirely possible that you are a lot more talented than the people around you but that they are either jealous or fail to recognise your strengths. It is possible that you are talented in a different way to them so that you don't feel you connect.

So... Have you booked a sitter? An evening class? Bought a book about how relationships work? Done a cognitive therapy exercise? Booked your acupuncture?

I think I've spoiled you with choice today. If you disagree, then there are lots of extra suggestions on Day Five See you tomoz.

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

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