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Time for our daily dose of science...

Freud once said something along the lines that most people only want two things: work they enjoy, and some love in their lives. Let's talk about love.

Professor Marcia Millman researched, among other things, the most common patterns that love and relationships take in modern day life. Her book called The Seven Stories of Love is fun and easy to read and shows us how we all tend to fall into broad groups and patterns. It then helps us to understand where we are now, how we sometimes go wrong and what we can do. It is well worth checking out on Amazon. As I read through it, I found myself recognising myself and most people I have ever known. It's a gem.

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

This website contains over fifty proven cures and aids to help depression and it will completely change your life. If you let it. They are all proven to be effective, they are all small changes that we can incorporate into our lives and therefore, frankly, we have no excuse whatever for not giving them a try.