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Cultivate a secret passion. Secretly write a novel, a page a day, all about your life. Or secretly take riding lessons or take up photography around your town or countryside.

EXTRA IDEAS GALORE which were sent in to me over the last couple of years and are best in the reader's own words...

A) "Kick boxing has really worked for me. Working towards belts gives you the chance to work towards realisable targets."

B) "I have found that writing out can help - but sometimes writing just makes you focus more on what is bothering you. If I feel my mind going in circles around something I know I can't solve at that moment - I do a mind dump. I turn the lights low - maybe light a candle and sit in front of my computer and write write write - just following my stream of thoughts and never reading as I am writing or caring about my grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. After 20 minutes of this - I feel like I deep cleaned my brain. The trick is to just write and not care about what you are putting down - putting down the things you don't even want to admit to yourself. Its a very cleansing and rewarding experience."

C) "I found throwing myself into work helped and taking medications as advised by a doctor. I tried going on a long trip on my own, but it was not right for me at all."

D) "I use Bach Flower essences... all the time! They work on the mind & emotions. These are safe- homeopathic- were discovered by a doctor who learned classic homeopathy then created these flower essences to treat the mind & emotions.
Also - Do what you want to do anyway- - if the depression or sadness is rendering me immobile- I make myself get going! Talk to that sub conscious mind and re-program it! The sub-conscious mind will tell the conscious mind what to do! Even if your conscious mind is disagreeing at first- do you want to shock yourself? Talk to your sub conscious mind while you're relaxed- before bed time as you're dozing off to sleep!
Thirdly- Faith- Know that a higher power is involved in life...whatever it is called- it's there! Take my word for it- if you have faith- you have a high degree of learning, growing, and happiness.
Which by the way is what I believe this misery is all about- hey knuckle head- try something else- get in line with your spirit- find a passion!
Finally Surround yourself with things and people that do help."

E) "I am fortunate enough to have two dogs, and I believe that they, or any animal companion, are both a responsibility and an untapped resource for joy.
On my most dismal days, I can be coaxed into a game of ball, or a walk. I will do things for the dogs that I can't seem to do for myself.
I realize not everyone can own a pet, but there are many, many opportunities to interact with one. Local animal shelters are always in need of volunteers. Many veteraniarians also welcome volunteer dog walkers. If nothing else, visit a breeder and hold a puppy."

F) "Force yourself to act normal. Your brain is telling you not to do stuff; it's even telling you not to have fun. Make yourself do that fun thing, regardless of what your brain tells you."

G) "Listen out for other peoples' assessments of your mood. 'You're quiet' or 'You don't seem yourself' and variations like that. Sometimes you don't realise you're a bit depressed and yet I find that is the very stage where remedies work. i.e. before it gets too bad."

H) "1. Stop listening to or reading or seeing the news. Knowing what is going on (all over the world, every minute!) is not as important as you feeling good during your one and only life on earth.
2. Listen to audio tapes of books. They might be novels, kids' books, humor or self-help. Choose material that really engages you. Also, sometimes there is a lot of energy in the voice tones of the reader, for example Jonathan Cecil is wonderful reading the P.G. Wodehouse books. The sound of upbeat voice seems to send you a subliminal message, "Life is pretty good. Things will work out." See what tapes are available from your local library.
3. Take some small part of your environment, like a cupboard, drawer, sink or the glove compartment of your car, and clean it out. It will show you that you really can be effective.
4. Move around during the day as much as possible.
5. Keep your spine erect. Do not slump when sitting or standing. Posture can have a tremendous, quick effect on mood.
6. Become very aware of how other people make you feel. Only have as companions people who help you to feel hopeful and capable."

I) "Exercise. I know it's been mentioned but for those who can't manage strenuous physical jerks, I have found even a few minutes of deep breathing can make a difference. My other favourite is having a big clearout and sending all my clutter off to either the local charity shop or the tip, depending on it's condition. When I was broke, I used to car boot my junk. I found this very therapeutic - early start; having to be organised; meeting other people; turning useless clutter into cash - can't fault it, really."

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