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'I saw a great film the other day. It was perfect but sadly after two hours it ended.'
'I read a fantastic book recently: it was well written, funny and a page turner. Sadly after three hundred pages it ended.'

What am I on about now? Surely I am talking gibberish? Yes I am.

So compare these sentences to the earlier ones: 'We used to date for a couple of years, but sadly it ended.' 'I was married once but it ended.' For some reason with relationships we judge them on whether or not they ended. Shouldn't we be celebrating the good years we had and being a little more philosophical about the weaker years?

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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

This website contains over fifty proven cures and aids to help depression and it will completely change your life. If you let it. They are all proven to be effective, they are all small changes that we can incorporate into our lives and therefore, frankly, we have no excuse whatever for not giving them a try.