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Pay less attention to milestones or the idea that one event is all important. For example, there are some terrifying statistics about how many people get depressed straight after their wedding day. And we all know about baby blues or turning forty or sixty, or people who become obsessed with having a baby. We build certain positive milestones up in our mind thinking that they represent a whole new future and then, surprise surprise, what they actually represent is a new set of problems or 'same old'. A lot of people who dream of living abroad, come back again a year later disilllusioned. Be aware of this phenomenon before the milestone and you are half way there.


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Beat Depression Right Now

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Beat Depression Right Now

This website contains over fifty proven cures and aids to help depression and it will completely change your life. If you let it. They are all proven to be effective, they are all small changes that we can incorporate into our lives and therefore, frankly, we have no excuse whatever for not giving them a try.